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Conductive gel

Enhance your body toning experience with extra comfort. Refreshing, cooling stay-wet formula that allows for prolonged use without the need of re-application. 
Our conductive gel is the best choice for electric muscle stimulating devices. Order your medical grade quality and hypoallergenic formula today.

What is electrode gel?

The effectiveness of your electronic muscle stimulating training sessions depends a great deal on the quality and longevity of the electrode gel used between your skin and electrode gel pads. Gel pads retain their ability to disperse evenly the electrical stimulation due to being able to retain moisture and staying hydrated.

Most gels tend to evaporate quickly, losing their adhesive properties and needing you to reapply your gel pads, mid-session. Our formula will allow you get the most out of each your training sessions with your electric muscle stimulator and improving the lifespan of your reusable gel pads.

As electrode gel pads begin to dry out, they can cause discomfort, skin irritation or even electrode arching that is known as shocks. To avoid this type of discomfort, it is necessary to always use a premium grade gel while using your muscle stimulator. Never try and moisturize your gel pads with water, this will cause electric burns and shorten drastically their lifespan.

What is needed for successful electronic muscle stimulation?

Conductive gel is the key to successfully use your electronic muscle stimulator. Why? It helps to bind the user's skin to the gel pads and evenly dispersing the electronic impulse.

Strengthen and enhance electric conductivity and reduce discomfort from the electric impulses with our premium quality gel. Our gel is the best choice for all types of electric muscle stimulator machines and suitable for long-term gel pad applications.

Conductive gel is basically a gel used to increase electric impulses conductivity between muscle stimulators and your skin. Plus, it is designed to extend the life of your electrode pads.

With our gel, there will be no need to put your training session on hold while you reapply your dried gel pads. They will stay moisturized, providing comfort and peace of mind throughout your electronic workout.


Product highlights:

  • Easy to use: Just apply a thin layer over the skin where the electrode gel pads will be applied.
  • Made from premium medical grade conductive gel.
  • Hypoallergenic and non-staining formula
  • Ideal to use with arms, legs and abdomen electronic muscle stimulator
  • Improves the lifespan and adhesive properties of your electrode gel pads
  • While rare, may cause burning sensation. Do not use with eczema, psoriasis, sunburn or other skin conditions.